Thursday, January 12, 2012

Film Cameras

As you can see I have been playing with my film cameras!  I have acquired a few more film cameras since the last time I wrote about my vintage camera collection.  Even two vintage instant Polaroid cameras to add to the collection!  And I have a couple more cameras on the way.  :-)

The Minolta Freedom Zoom 90 on the bottom right is a freebie, and I took it the kids school for two days this week and took several pictures of the kids and their friends at school.  I have one more shot left in the camera and the roll is ready to be developed.

I am really thrilled by the Olympus Stylus 120.  I got it for a mere $10 (inclusive of shipping) at a Goodwill auction site.  As if that is not enough, I won a bid (I was the only bidder) on an Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170 for a mere $15 and that amount includes shipping!  A steal, really!

The pictures of the kids on the right side of the collage were taken with Olympus OM-2n.  I am really happy with the output of this camera.  The pictures of Duncan on the left were taken with Minolta X-370. The pictures taken with that camera were mostly dark, and I suspect that was mostly due to the fact that the majority of the pictures were taken in the shade and the film speed that I used was not that suitable for taking pictures in the shade.  The other possibility could be the inaccuracy of the built-in light meter in the camera - due to its age.  However, I doubt that is the case because the first roll I took using that camera when I first got it came out ok.  I will have to try another roll of film with a higher ISO to be certain.

I sent in 3 rolls of black and white film to be developed some time last week.  I didn't want to have to deal with mailing in the rolls of film to a place outside Sacramento, so I took them to Walmart and let Walmart send them out.  Two weeks turn around time, they said.  So the photos should be ready for pick up by the end of next week.  I can't wait to see the result!  I should tamper my excitement because they could all turn out to be crap! :-)

I ordered a good photo scanner last weekend and it arrived on Wednesday.  I am really happy with this scanner because it can do a much higher resolution scan than my scanner/printer unit.  The new scanner can also scan slides, negatives and editable documents, and much to my delight, it came bundled with Photoshop Elements 9!  Not that I know how to use that software, but hey, there are tutorials on YouTube!

I don't know what it is about film cameras and film photography, nostalgia perhaps, but they seem to have stirred up quite a passion in me!  I am like a kid playing with my toys!  ;-)


  1. Great post... I like all yr toys... After shooting film, seems many of us find hard go back digital.. Don't worry. The unexpected result is partly of fun in film.. May b it will become yr great shots... Keep going

  2. Forget to share with u. Borderless traveler here. My real name is Simon Voon.. Try Lomo 800 as a start. Cost RM34 for 3 rolls in Malaysia . Not bad the film. Fuji Natura 1600 is pro level fine great film which cost RM33 per roll. But very good.

    1. Hey, Simon Voon aka Boderless Traveler, is it? :-) Thanks for the Lomo 800 recommendation! Never heard of that before!

    2. Ya...Thats me... when u come back to Malaysia, let us know ya..we go shooting

    3. Definitely will let you guys know when I am in KL! KoonYik says he'll arrange a TT! Looking forward to that!

  3. rindu amai asai ati mda gmbr t di ambi nn kaq..terutama gambar bungai...

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