Monday, November 7, 2011

African Daisy

I took out three manual lenses yesterday and shot some pictures using my PEN E-P3 of the African Daisy in my front yard. The area was shaded, and I forgot to check the ISO setting of my camera. I was more focused on the aperture setting and forgot that the E-P3 over-compensates for the low light with high ISO. The pictures were all quite noisy and I cleaned up the noise as much as I could.

It's late in the season and the flowers are much smaller, and the petals seem to fold up into bowl shapes that I find very interesting.

The WB setting is not quite right and the whites seem overblown. But I like the effect, almost seems like a well-lit lantern! :-)

Looks like a well-lit bowl, doesn't it?

Interesting shape as seen from the top - like a bowl.

I need to take a few more shots of the daisies before they are all gone for the season. This time I will not forget to check the ISO setting on my camera!

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